Inaugural Post

I figured for my first post, I would explain how I became interested in food. In other words, why I decided to start blogging at all.

My interest in food started from a young age. I remember my grandmother in her kitchen, watching her cut butter into her scones or roll out gingerbread. It was always a treat to go over to her house, and to eat one of her glorious creations was to feel the love she baked carefully into every bite. My grandma not only was a brilliant home chef, but she also taught cooking. She taught me how to be skillful, precise, and calculated in the kitchen. To this day, her kitchen and garage are stocked with every possible cooking gadget!

Grandma Ethel, grilling out

My mother further cultivated my flourishing interest in food. From very early on, she took me to some incredible restaurants (which I did not fully appreciate at the time). Food evolved from not only being an expression of love and family, but also of culture, place and self. To this day, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than going home and cooking with my mother. We explore new restaurants, cities, and cookbooks, expanding our knowledge and experience.

Mom and I, and our pumpkin pies

I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by many talented cooks. My stepmom is a wonderful cook who opened my eyes to Portuguese cuisine. She has taught me how to be creative and inventive in the kitchen. I am continually amazed at how quickly she creates delicious meals out of seemingly scant ingredients.

Rita and I, out for brunch

My enthusiasm for food, wine, culture, and travel (which will be the basis of this blog) has only just blossomed. However, its roots are deeply embedded in my upbringing. This year will bring lots of new experiences, and I can’t wait to share them with you!


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