Recent Culinary Highlights

To get the ball rolling, I wanted to start with a bit of catch up. In the past year or so, I have had some absolutely incredible food experiences. I could have filled this post with hundreds of photos of beautiful meals, but there is something to be said for showing a bit of restraint… Here are some of the highlights:

Dinner at Ulla in Victoria:

Ulla Matt and JordUlla

My foray into culinary adventurism:

Chicken hearts

Chicken hearts at Tacofino Commissary. Tastes remarkably unlike chicken.

Duck tongue

Duck tongues at Sun Sui Wah dim sum. This will not be a repeat experience… Did you know bird tongues have bones in them? I love surprises, but not this kind.

Some welcome additions to my neighbourhood, Kitsilano:

Fable salmon

Salmon at Fable, headed up by Top Chef Canada’s Trevor Bird and Marcus Luk


Ayoub’s, a middle eastern bulk food emporium (and my new weakness) – dried fruit, spiced nuts, turkish candy, veggie chips, nirvana.

Winery tour of the southern Okanagan:


Road 13

Road 13

Seattle: Seafood, Stumptown, Sitka & Spruce

Pike Place Jordie


Sitka and Spruce Matt

And an unforgettable culinary tour of California:

Jose Andres Bazaar

Jose Andres Bazaar 2

Jose Andres’ Bazaar in LA. My first time trying out molecular gastronomy – mind boggling!

El Super Rica

El Super Rica 2

La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. The best and most authentic Mexican food I have ever tasted. Waiting an hour in line was more than worth the experience. And likely the cheapest meal we had the whole trip!

Copolla Winery



The Napa Valley: wine, Thomas Keller, and serious food porn.

Gary Danko

Dinner at Gary Danko. Course after course of elegant and scrumptious food.

Ferry Terminal

Ferry Terminal Cheese

Ferry Terminal Blue Bottle

The Ferry Terminal in San Francisco: artisanal cheese, Blue Bottle coffee, amazing seafood, fresh produce, gorgeous views. My kind of culinary playground.

I have saved one of my most recent, and once-in-a-lifetime, experiences for my next post… Stay tuned!


One thought on “Recent Culinary Highlights

  1. Jord! Wow, I had no idea you were starting a food-centred blog and I could not be more pleasantly surprised! Great start – I share your feelings about many of these places like Fable, the Okanagan, and Seattle in general.

    Consider me a new “follower” 🙂

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