Gastronomette’s Bucket List 2013: Part I

The year ahead is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. 2013 brings many changes, both intimidating and compelling all at once. The end of April will mark the end of my veterinary medicine schooling, and it has certainly been a long haul. However, this also means that I will have to become a “real” adult, with a “real” job, and actually start contributing to the community in a professional capacity. That being said, before I grow up, there are a couple of things I would like to cross off my list.


So much learning…

Firstly, I would like to become a better cook. While I am constantly looking to try  new restaurants, observe up-and-coming food trends, read the latest culinary publications (etc.), I would also like to further cultivate my own skills. No matter what happens out there in the food world, I would like to have the foundation to create amazing meals when I come home. Chronologically, this starts in less than a couple of weeks. As a Christmas gift, Matt signed us up for a seafood cooking class at The Dirty Apron ( Seafood has always been a source of trepidation for me in the kitchen, likely because I respect to too much to want to mess it up. Expanding my ocean-related culinary dexterity will be the perfect way to kick off my 2013 gourmand bucket list.

papa (85)

Ethel, in her domain

As a graduation present, I have (begrudgingly) convinced my Grandma Ethel to give me a few cooking lessons. Her tutelage will be invaluable, as she is by far the most talented cook I have ever met (you may remember her from such posts as While I haven’t yet decided what recipes and skills I hope to master under her supervision, I’m thinking we should try something a little adventurous. Maybe even flammable. Cherries jubilee, perhaps?


Still ruling the kitchen many years later…

Along with graduation and employment, I will also be moving back home to Vancouver. This means I will be getting my own place in the city, and stocking a new kitchen. I have dreams of Le Creuset cast iron skillets, a DeLonghi or Jura cappuccino machine, copper pots, a marble mortar and pestle, and the list goes on. I know, I know, these things aren’t cheap! A girl can dream though, can’t she? And remember what I said about my mother instilling in me good taste (read: expensive taste)? I come by it honestly.


At J Lohr in Paso Robles

I also would love to expand my knowledge of vineology. While visiting Napa with my mom in 2011, I truly became impassioned with all things wine-related (especially the whole drinking it part). Living in BC, we are exceedingly fortunate to have some incredible wineries in our backyard. What were several years ago small operations with tiny storefronts, have burgeoned into well respected establishments. Even though these wineries boast some of the most learned sommeliers and vintners, they have not forgotten their integral ties to the Okanagan valley. But the wine world is a vast and varied place. I would love to begin scratching the surface of this discipline (hopefully, in an undisciplined manner!). I am hoping that I can expand this thirst for wine-related knowledge over the course of the year, both in BC and across the globe! That being said, this is the perfect segue for my next post… Wanderlust (or Gastronomette’s Bucket List 2013: Part II). Stay tuned!


Looking out on the Okanagan


One thought on “Gastronomette’s Bucket List 2013: Part I

  1. who doesn’t love a great bottle of wine? 🙂 My good friend moved to Napa and is studying to become a sommelier! Fortunate when I go home to California I get to benefit from her perks in the wine industry! Good luck with the move and your bucket list. I can’t wait to get back and visit Vancouver! lovely city.

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