Haute Coast

High end dining is an endangered species in Vancouver. We are known for being a casual and unceremonious people, and this is reflected in where we choose to eat. Luckily, there are still some gems left in the city; Hawksworth being a standout in a sea of Cactus Clubs.

After leaving South Granville’s West, David Hawksworth set to work on his eponymous contemporary West Coast restaurant. Located in the Hotel Georgia, and looking onto the Vancouver Art Museum, it is a quintessential downtown experience. Hawskworth crosses all the Ts and dots all the Is: the service is impeccable, the ambience is modern and crisp, the top-shelf beverages are perfectly paired and well-thought out, and the food is artful and luscious. The menu revolves around local ingredients, reflecting our good fortune of being located close to the ocean, but without complete dependence on seafood. There are notes of Asian influence in many of the dishes, as well as European techniques. The counterbalance of native ingredients and multicultural flavours is perfectly Vancouver.

In celebration of loved ones’ 30th anniversary, we feted their marriage at Hawksworth. It could not have been a more lovely and intimate way to  commemorate the occasion. But I know what you’re thinking, stop waxing lyrical, and show us the food porn already! So here goes:

IMG_1735Starter: octopus and shrimp ceviche with avocado, radish, oven dried tomatoes, plantain chips, and jalapeño lime dressing


Matt’s Main Course: duck breast with a duck confit-stuffed crêpe, spring onions, carrot mash, dressed in a brown butter jus



My Main: Haida Gwaii salmon in a truffle lobster bisque, served with garden peas, sunchokes, spring onions, and forest mushrooms


Dessert: chocolate fondant, mango sorbet, orange segments, hazelnuts, and petits macarons


Final Amuse-Bouche: pear gelees and chocolate-noisette ganache

It was, undeniably, one of the best meals I will have all year. While so many shy away from the formal restaurant experience, Hawksworth stands to breathe life into the fine dining scene in a flawless yet approachable manner.


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