Buzzing: The New 49th Parallel

Last fall, Kits Coffee shut its doors after being a mainstay on 4th Avenue for 17 years. Propitiously, 49th Parallel decided to take over the space. They have since expanded their seating both indoors and out, as well as adding in a Lucky’s Doughnuts kitchen (now Kits locals don’t have to venture to the Main St. location to indulge!).

IMG_2011 Tiramisu doughnuts!

Mom and I checked out the new venue opening day, and despite lineups out the door (surprising for anywhere in Vancouver to have a lineup before noon!), it ran like a well-oiled machine.

IMG_2013Momma Bear at the coffee bar

As always, the coffee was impeccable and the service was both swift and friendly. They have maintained a similar robin’s egg blue colour scheme, but have accented with white instead of chocolate brown. Along with more windows, the space is much airier and brighter than the previous location.


I’m absolutely looking forward to spending a few mornings sipping a latte on the new patio, once the weather cooperates of course! What are your favourite local coffee haunts?

IMG_2017Getting caffeinated



One thought on “Buzzing: The New 49th Parallel

  1. Cafe Artigianno is still my favourite for cappucinno’s! I’ll have to try this new 49th Parallel since it’s closer and sounds like a nice place to hang out with friends! Thanks for the “buzz” update Jordie!

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