Rain, Rain, Come Again Another Day

Located on the corner of Cordova and Carrall in Gastown (next door to Nelson the Seagull and East Van Roasters), Rainier Provisions provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as adult beverages. They also offer a grab-and-go deli counter for coffee and other forms of sustenance. As part of the Heather Hospitality Group (think Salt, Bitter, Judas Goat Taberna…), you can expect a local and organic theme to their menus.


Considering they supply three of my favourite producers (Stumptown Coffee, Earnest Ice Cream, and Neal’s Yard Dairy), I can’t believe it has taken me so long to visit! As with any Stumptown beverage I have ever had the pleasure of consuming, this did not disappoint. While it may have taken a while for them to hammer out each drink, it was evident that this was due to precision of craft rather than laziness of staff. This is yet another place I would love to visit in the summer to unwind on their patio! Really, it’s because they serve a gluten-free Earnest Ice Cream sandwich that I am dyyyyying to try. What are your favourite Gastown eateries?

IMG_2024 Mmmmm


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