Crossing One Off The List: Healthy Junk Food Night

In keeping with my desire to continually improve my cooking, I’ve had a bit of a busy couple of cooking days! A few nights ago, Matt and I made our version of “healthy junk food”. We thought about what our … Continue reading

Crossing One Off The List: Vancouver International Wine Festival

With neither of us being very enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day, Matt and I decided to do something a little different this year. Instead of the typical dozen roses and cheesy three course meal, we thought we would do something out … Continue reading

Gastronomette’s Bucket List Part III – Europe

Europe. I have struggled to write this post because my attempts to convey my exhilaration for the gastronomic aspect of this trip have been paltry at best. How does one describe the depth and breadth of culinary history, culture, tradition, … Continue reading

Gastronomette’s Bucket List 2013: Part II – South America

One of the most thrilling parts of 2013, for me, will be the prospect of travel. This year I plan on cramming in every last little bit of travel while I have the opportunity. Anyone who has been bitten by … Continue reading